The current stable version of Dunst is 1.9.0 released on June 27 2022.


Release Notes For v1.8.0

Lots of exciting and useful features are being added to dunst, all while making dunst even more configurable and reliable.

For users:

This release re-adds the keyboard shortcuts for those who have been missing them. Also, support for drop-in files has been implemented. Files placed in dunstrc.d/*.conf will be read after the main dunstrc. This may be useful for theming (with pywal or otherwise). In the future we will add example drop-in files for different default themes and special configuration.

For maintainers:

Not much has been changed for maintainers. Maybe you’ll find the drop-in files useful for distro-specific fixes. Note that only the files in the directory of the used dunstrc will be read (see dunst(1) for documentation).