The current stable version of Dunst is 1.2.0 released on Jul 12 2017.


Release Notes

After about 3 years of inactivity, dunst is back under active development.

Version 1.2 is supposed to be fully backwards compatible with 1.1 but due to the number of changes and the time since the last release there may be some overlooked breakages. If one is found it should be reported to the bug tracker.

For users:

  • Markup

    The allow_markup setting has been deprecated in favour of markup which is a multi-value setting that can be used to control much more accurately how markup in notifications should be handled. Currently it only supports no, strip and full as values but it is planned to be expanded soon.

    To preserve backwards compatibility, allow_markup is still supported but users are encouraged to update their configuration files since it will be removed after a few major releases.

  • DPI handling

    The DPI value used is now retrieved from the Xft.dpi X resource if available. If not, the default value 96 will be used.

    Additionally, as an experiment a per-monitor dpi setting, which tries to calculate an acceptable dpi values for each monitor, has been added to the experimental section of the configuration file.

  • RandR and Xinerama

    Dunst switched from using the Xinerama extension to provide multi-monitor support to using the more modern RandR extension. While this change won’t affect the majority of users, some legacy drivers do not support RandR. In that case, the force_xinerama option was added as a way to fall back to the old method.

    The downside of forcing Xinerama to be used is that dunst won’t be able to detect when a monitor is added or removed meaning that follow mode might break if the screen layout changes.

  • Frame settings

    All the settings in the frame section of the configuration file have been deprecated and have been moved into the global section. The color and size settings became frame_color and frame_size respectively. As with allow_markup, the old format still works but it’ll be removed in one of the next major releases.

  • Deprecation of urgency-specific command line flags

    The urgency specific command line flags (-li,-ni,-ci,-lf,-nf,-cf,-lb, -nb,-cb,-lfr,-nfr,-cfr,-lto,-nto,-cto) have been deprecated with no plan for a replacement. If you rely on them please respond to issue #328 on the bug tracker with your use case.

For maintainers:

  • The project homepage has been changed to
  • The main repository has been changed to

  • Dependency changes:

    • Dependency on libraries that were unused in the code but were mentioned as dependencies has been dropped. Dunst no longer depends on: libfreetype, libxft and libxext.
    • Added dependency on libxrandr and libgtk2.0.

For a full list of changes see the changelog.