The current stable version of Dunst is 1.3.1 released on Jan 30 2018.


Release Notes

Version 1.3.1 addresses a race condition that can cause the service file to be empty upon installation. It contains no other changes, refer to the release notes for 1.3 bellow for more info on 1.3.

Version 1.3 is supposed to be fully backwards compatible with 1.2.

For users:

  • Behavioural changes

    Dunst respects the timeout with millisecond accuracy now. Notifications with a one second timeout are not shown up to three seconds. Additionally you can specify timeout values in milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours or days using the ms, s, h, or d suffix in the config value respectively.

    Transient notifications time out ignoring the idle_threshold setting and are not saved in history. This can be overridden with a rule containing set_transient = no. In the same vein there is the match_transient condition to match transient notifications via rules.

    A prefixed tilde (~/) in path settings (browser, dmenu, script) is interpreted as the home folder of the user.

  • Configuration Options

    icon_folders got deprecated and renamed to icon_path. icon_folders is still supported, but will get removed in future.

    The option ellipsize got introduced. It controls where to ellipsize the text of an overlong notification if word_wrap=no.

For maintainers:

  • Dependencies

    The GTK3+ dependency got removed. Instead of this gdk-pixbuf is required explicitly. This had been a transient dependency before.

    In the Makefile, libxrandr is now specified to require version 1.5 or newer. The dependency on libxrandr >= 1.5 is not new, Dunst 1.2.0 required it too but there was no active check for it.

  • Installation process

    The internals of dunst’s make installation process have slightly changed. The install routine won’t install the service files for DBus and systemd in a hardcoded subdirectory of $PREFIX. It’ll now query the dbus-1 and systemd pkg-config packages for those paths and will put it there.

    To overwrite the pkg-config values, you can manually specify another path. Use SERVICEDIR_(DBUS|SYSTEMD) vars as parameters to your make calls.

    For all introduced variables, see the README.

  • Portability

    GNU-specific functions have been disabled to make dunst portable to nongnu libc’s.

For a full list of changes see CHANGELOG.